Adding Applications to the HDD-OSD Browser 2.00
Started by el2983

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Information  04-19-2020, 06:54 AM -
Adding Applications to the PS2 HDD-OSD Browser 2.00

-If partition editing process is done incorrectly, IT CAN & WILL CORRUPT YOUR DRIVE
-Can only be KELF files for the OSD browser. To compile an ELF into a KELF, see Part D) SCEDoormat
-Newer versions of apps might not be compatible. Will need to be tested with ELF to KELF compilers
-Sony Programs like Broad Band Navigator will only work with Toxic OS formatted drives as far as I know
-HDL Game Installer 0821 & 0813 Do Not Work!

A) PS2:
1A. If you don't already have a formatted HDD, format
a fresh drive with uLe or winhiip, either 48bit or
Toxic OS, and install FHDB & HDDOSD (Video
Tutorial linked below) (Toxic OS hasn't been
tested yet)
2A. Once you have prepared your HDD, launch
uLE_kHn (included in required files). uLe_kHn is
different than regular uLe. uLe_kHn is for
3A. In uLe_kHn launch HDD Manager and create new
partition PP.(App name) remember this partition
name for the PC portion
4A. Go to your new partition and copy application files
to the partition. The main KELF for the app MUST
be named EXECUTE.KELF (case sensitive)
If you have an ELF but do not have a KELF, see
Part D) SCEDoormat

B) PC:
1B. In Required Files there's a folder named Sample
Files. Open Sample Files
Make a copy of the sample files folder for future
Edit icon.sys with notepad & change the
following lines to match your app:

title0=App Name Here
title1=16 chars max

Ex. If my app was OPL v0.9.3, I would name like this:

title0=Open PS2 Loader
title1=Ver 0.9.3

title0 & title1 is the text you will see for your app in the OSD browser
You cannot use more than 16 chars max per title line

If you want to make a custom icon for your app, scroll down to Part C) Custom Icon
Make sure to create your custom ICO BEOFRE continuing to Part B Step 2!
I have included some custom icon files in the ico folder

2B. Rename HDL Dumx (Rev 47) folder to hdld and
place folder in root of your C: Drive.
Delete the boot.elf file inside the folder
Place your list.ico, icon.sys & system.cnf in hdld
3B. Launch CMD Prompt in Administrator mode
4B. Navigate to the hdld directory thru the CMD.
Command: cd /d c:\hdld\
5B. Once you get CMD in the directory, type
hdl_dump.exe and it'll list the commands.
Once you are in the hdld directory with CMD & you
have your sample files in the hdld folder,
there are 2 ways to run the commands on the PS2

5B.1) Via ethernet hdl_svr_093.elf (included in HDL Dumx):
Power on your PS2, open hdl_svr_093.elf and
connect your PS2 to your PC via ethernet cable
With the ps2 running hdl_svr and CMD in hdld
directory, type in the following command:

hdl_dump.exe modify_header (PS2 IP) (PARTITION)
hdl_dump.exe modify_header PP.OPL

5B.2) Direct connection via USB or ATA:
Connect PS2 HDD directly to PC (check HDD
number via hdl_dumb gui or winhiip)
With the PS2 HDD connected to the PC and CMD in
the hdld directory, type in the following command:

hdl_dump.exe modify_header (HDD?:) (PARTITION)
hdl_dump.exe modify_header HDD2: PP.OPL

6B. If all goes well you should get this log:

Succesfully read system.cnf
Succesfully read icon.sys
Succesfully read list.ico
Skipped del.ico = del.ico file missing from hdl_dumx folder
Skipped boot.kelf
Skipped boot.elf
Skipped boot.kirx

7B. Restart console or plug HDD back in. If all went
well, app should be now in the OSD browser

C) Custom Icon:
For custom Icon you need a bmp file 128x128 pixels
For png you need to convert to bmp. If on windows just open png with MS Paint and save as bmp.
BMP MUST BE 128x128 pixels!!!
Once you have bmp 128x128, convert to an icn using bmp2ico.
Once you have converted the bmp to an icn, simply rename file.icn to list.ico

D) SCEDoormat:
The HDD-OSD uses special KELF files to launch homebrew instead of standard ELF
SCEDoormat takes an input ELF file and compiles it into a KELF file
To use, simply drag an ELF file onto the SCEDoormat.exe and it will output a KELF in the same folder as the exe
SCEDoormat outputs as file.kelf however, HDD-OSD will not launch the file if it is file.kelf the file must be file.KELF all uppercase
YOU MUST RENAME THE FILE EXTENSION TO .KELF (ALL UPPERCASE) if lowercase .kelf it will not boot
The main kelf file for any app installed via this method must be named EXECUTE.KELF

Video tutorial coming soon...

*When I refer to the Required Files folder, I am referring to the HDD-OSD folder linked below
Required Files:
The file attachment linked below on this thread is the same as the attachment linked above

Tutorial Adapted from ShaolinAssassin POPS Guide:

FHDB & HDD-OSD Installation Guide:



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04-19-2020, 08:09 PM -
Nice tutorial, Thanks for sharing!


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04-24-2020, 12:40 PM -
Video Tutorial:


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Thumbs Up  09-16-2020, 10:12 AM -
Wow, Thanks a lot!

I really don't get why there are these guides with like 300-page long explanations on how to use hdl-dump/x and for some reason, I could never get it to work. Very nice and clear explanation, really appreciate it!

I suppose this is okay as long as only a handfull of apps are going to be added. I would go crazy if I had to create a partition with that PS2 controller for every game etc.

Also, glad I found this forum! This is superior to that "PS2-Home" forum PLAGUED by blow-hard jerkoffs as moderators. Literally all they do is block/delete posts and close topics. Anyway thanks a lot!

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