ZX-Arcade 0.225 on a USB Stick!
Started by ZX81v2

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10-02-2020, 03:39 PM -
Yep, that's right folks, I have nearly completed the project prototype and own a couple of new 256Gig USB sticks for the project.

So what IS the ZX-Arcade project?

Simply, it's a USB stick that contains everything "Arcade"
This means
- Plug n Play - Plug in, Click the Loader, Play, simple Smile
all setup's/initializations have been completed, so you don't have to !

- All ROM Images
- All CHD's Images
- All LASERDISK Images
- All Samples Required
- A Shedload of resources for Arcade....
- 200gig+ of data 
- Space for Update (Friendly,Hopefully)

Oh and that's ONLY the Working games supported by "Arcade 0.225"
No Junk!

Anyone who knows about my Arcade addiction will also know, I have been working towards this project for the last 10 years, now it's viable.

If you would love the rom sets but do not own the bandwidth to download everything, this may be a great device for you.
The first few will cost £80 due to production costs (This would include Shipping/postage), this will drop over time as resources become available. However, to the first few people who show interest in this project, don't feel ripped off, you will get some extras as a thank you.

Plus you will have access to my discord for any issues and problem solving, oh and updates will be free too !

This USB device is a 
SANDISK Cruzer 256gig USB2 stick
These are purchased to order.

Note : THIS IS NOT A BUSINESS - It's just a way of getting the SUPPORT RESOURCES for Personal Backup
There is not a stockpile of these created. First come , first serve.
I will be only accepting PayPal donation for payment at moment. This will change after I have enough resources to buy more USB sticks.
However, you must TALK TO ME before sending anything to me.

I've been around this community for a long time, I do miss TiZ, but you guys have stuck with us through all the crap, so you get first dibs!

Any questions feel free to ask.
[Image: ZX-Arcade_USB_concept_none_tagged.png]

That's the concept Pic, and that's the USB I'm using Smile (Minus the ZX-Arcade logo)

Updates, by the way, I have setup the config to read a folder, any updated ROMs go in here, simple Smile
Oh any if your wondering how many rom sets 0.225 has flagged as working, it's 9,549 currently.
You get the lot !

Postage shouldn't be a problem either, due to it's light weight, shipped as a USB Device and more hardy than a harddisk !
There will be no copy protection, meaning you can move/copy everything from the stick to a harddidk, it'll still work !
I am not doing this to make money.
I am doing this to give those who have not the time or resources/knowledge to get this lot together.
All Lightgun games will be Initialized and calibration set for player one

This is something I will be working on in future, full gamepad configuration for 2 players.
2+ Mouses is supported by "Arcade" btw...

Oh and a mouse with variable DPI is recommended for lightgun, analogue controls
Controller : Keyboard, Gamepad/joystick Mouse/trackball/XArcade Supported

Due to COPYRIGHT Laws, the USB stick will NOT contain the EMULATOR - It's Resources Only Device ! 
It would break several laws to provide emulator and data required.

The emulator download, you will be given a link, this is -your choice to download-, but sits in the main Arcade folder...
and brings it all together as a working device.
100% Scanned and nasty free

This will be the cleanest set on the net !
I am currently finalizing everything to make sure it's all there. But the base release should be 0.225
98.9% done

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