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Full Version: Did you ever write your name on your game cartridges?
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??New quick video ! Looking through some loose NES cartridges I noticed this name written on with permanent marker, so being late at night I thought I would upload this quick little video asking "Did YOU ever write your name on your cartridges?" - As collectors we often come across them, often research how to remove them but I did make me think about how people did this, sometimes it was kids who did not know better and would mark everything they owned in some fashion, maybe because we did not think of decreasing value or ever parting with our precious games? I sometimes wonder about the people who owned them previously, why they sold or traded them etc. ??

I never did... it's surely a worse offence than writing in the 'notes' page of a games manual!

The best/worst example I ever saw was an N64 cart that someone had 'etched' with a soldering iron.
I hate it when people did it to disc's
I've never defaced any of my games or toys like that.

I have a cousin that wrote his name in big letters all across his mom's boyfriend's ps1 in permanent marker. I think it annoyed me more than her boyfriend.

I'll admit writing on games and consoles and putting stickers on them are pet peeves of mine.
This is a major sin for me and for my entire household.
My old man went one step further than just "Marking" carts with marker...
He crafted a bit for his Soldering Iron, apply tip of soldering iron lightly to the cart to brand the cartridge plastic. We had a lot of 2600 carts get nicked in early 80's

Nice things about this was the brand was unique :)
i dont like to lend things also for these reasons
worst memory i have, during Snes era, a 'friend' give me back International Superstar Soccer cartridge with 'FORZA JUVE' graven in the plastic using a compass !
I never did but my roommate has a few games with his name on the cases but not on the discs.
I find nail polish remover gets some stuff nice and clean. Just be careful how much you apply and what to.
denatured alcohol works as a good remover and so does Goof off.
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