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Full Version: Console mods and hacks
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Hey it is the 15th and I have a new video out. Thanks in advance for all the support.
Nice vid, some cool mods there.
Thanks, I always try my best to not harm my consoles during mods but I was young and dumb when I got my Neo Geo AES.
Good video! The new mic made the audio on the TG16 mini sounds way better!
i wish i had someone local to me done modding,
Some mods are really easy, and TBH you should learn how to replace capacitors. recapping a system is almost required these days if you have an older game collection.
Re-capping anything is the very definition of tedium, when it comes to game console tech work. Kind of necessary, but you're not going to get any noticeable results from a system that wasn't bugging out in the first place.
It can help reduce video noise. I've noticed this myself.
I did my NES front loader and also replaced the voltage regulator and my NES looks great now!