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Full Version: Gaming tropes or mechanics that are an instant turn off for you.
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For me it's roguelikes.  The second I read the word roguelike I click away.  I like well designed scenarios and levels.  You can't get that randomly generating stuff on a grid, at least IMO you can't.
So what are some gaming tropes or gameplay mechanics you can't stand?
i was trying to translate 'tropes' in italian, without success, so if this comment not match, trash it lol

what i dont like in the new games is the 'cross on map' target when you have a quest to complete
i dont want only 'drive' my hero strike to the point to complete the task, i would like to explore to search for it, instead

im ok with random generated dungeons

also, if the game im playing has rpg functions, i prefer wait turns instead of real time movements
(Parasite Eve 1 ps1 is the perfect example)
A bad combat system in any RPG is always a Hard NO.
Identity politics, though this is a malady afflicting games made after 2006, not so much older classic games.