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Full Version: Love/Hate games?
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I would but i cant...
mission impossible

today, for the first time ever i reached to play Rastan until the sixth level, after an intense session Smile
unpleasant surprise, in this level you cant use a continue if you die, so i was in first proud to have FINALLY reached this point, and soon after.... lol

probably another game ill never reach to complete in this life, still remain a great one for me

not a rant, if you want share other games that you would but simply cant, im listening Smile
I'm so burned out that I can barely play anything for more than a few minutes, unless it scratches just the right itch. Still, I think the Yakuza series fits the bill. As soon as I start playing one, I start feeling burned out. They're good games, but having spent tens of hours doing side stories and grinding for skills has pretty much destroyed my desire to go at it again.
Man I still get pissed off at dying on first screen of PAC-MAN....
I work with 8,000+ arcade games, so MANY I love n hate at same time...
MAPPY for instance, past level 6 is Impossible... But I still try lol
Ultimate Ghosts n Goblins on PSP - I swear at this game fr too much but still play the bloody thing....
Dead Island... MAN I REALLY want to punch the programmers of the map directly in the nose....Then swiftly to the nuts...
Bugged up annoying as hell map system that runs you in circles. Just go through this solid wall to get to where you need to be...
needless to say, it got completed....
Wonderboy in Monster Land..... Man this is another game that ruins me. If you balls up the timing it's game over. Timing effects the coin drops. Bad timing = low cash = no equipment = dead... Plus the PS3 version is based on the original Japan release v1, which is harder anyway...

Jet Set Willy....
Took me 22 years to complete this game....Nough said
i should have split the question in two maybe
hate/love for recent and for old games

i completely agree with both of you
as ZX also most of my hate/love concern old arcade/8bit/16bit games
a bunch of kb programs, completable (at least watching tube longplays lol)
from 5/10 mins to max a couple of hours
but often terrible bastards in difficulty level, from the begin or later in gameplay

i was playing WB Monster Land today lol, there is an abyss (in hardness) from the 8/16 bit ports
and the arcade rom, nonetheless hands down, hate/love 100% Smile

fast forwarding to the present, with recent/new games i act like MisterXiado do.
games developed to be played only one time and after flushed in the toilet, need if good to be
explored in all their part, trying to delay the unavoidable end
at least i do in this way, but this 'path' can sometime take to a premature abandon

hate/love in both cases ?
Curently playing Final Fantasy Tactics-Call of Power,fan remake of original PSX game,with completly new story,characters,abilities,items and diferent style gameplay.
 It is very interesting , but also very hard,i am now in second chapter,and encoutered (so far) impossible to beat battle. You only keep one character from previus battles ,your other charactes have randomly, in most cases usless abilities, while oponents are 4 trees oponents  who cannot be realy  beaten(when defeated they bodies cant dissapeer, so they can be revived at any time by other treants who have infinite range revive spells and infinite mp to cast them) ,and boss is also casting nasty spells like,berserk,sleep,charm,confuse,so as soon it cast berserk on your only healer(there is no defend status equipment  to use to) it is game over...
So yeah, love but hate fits here lol.
Volgarr the viking

[Image: volgarr_2013-10-18_16-47-33-77_jpg_800x0...le_q85.jpg]

40% love 60% hate
no, 30% love 70% hate
no, wait... lol

great bastard game
Volgarr is a great pick for this topic =) Unforgiving but very cool at the same time.
.hack//GU for me, The difficulty curve snaps in half if you set so much as a toe off the main questline, the characters are infuriatingly stupid or just act like assholes for no good reason, and the "plot" is a complete trashfire where the story sometimes U-turns so hard you could swear the production staff decided to physically wrest the writer away from his keyboard.

That said I couldn't stop playing it just to see what kind of stupid nonsense it was going to pull next, and it eventually grew on me despite it's massive glaring flaws.
NAM 1975, its another game i love to play, even knowing ill fail in the last boss fight... mission impossible for me Smile
[Image: 886123-nam-1975-arcade-screenshot-final-boss.png]
Skyrim for the ps3! How many times the ps3 freezed when I played it, unbeliveble. But I always went on with it.

Fuking love it and hate it at the same time.
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