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Full Version: Share.exe error
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So I'm here again with another silly topic, the thing is I am trying to install Microsoft Works 3.0 on a Windows 98SE system but when the installation is about to end I get this freaking error no matter what.. "Windows cannot find share.exe..." What gives? and what's its purpose? I've looked everywhere and I can't find any solutions yet. I've updated the OS many times and nothing, I even tried fooling the system by creating a fake share.exe file on "C:\" and then editing the autoexec bat file by adding this line at the bottom: "rem start.exe" and it just don't work at all, but it runs like a charm on XP, why could that be? This software was supposedly made to work on a 9x machine, any suggestions? Big Grin
Hey Nux Smile

was reading an old italian forum about, seem that file cause issues at time too
it's a dos command, so you should find it there
if not, download the version that match your msdos version

seem the share.exe command exist from the msdos 6.22 and after