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Full Version: suggestions for retrieve a fb account
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hey guys , anyone know how retrieve an fb account when during login says the account is blocked and ask to use same pc for confirm login and retrieve account but even using same pc the login not get approved ? any way to contact fb with mail or similar for explanations and eventually solve this prob ? sorry for bad english and thanks
Sounds like a virus blocking you or something weird like that. I'm pretty sure they want you to give your phone number and take a picture of your id to "confirm" you are who you say you are. So they can make more money selling your info, I mean help you use their fine services. I don't have an account but I'm pretty positive that at least was their procedure not too long ago and I haven't heard of it changing? But I don't pay much attention to them.
i never put on fb a phone number ( i've also use fake name surname and probably birthdate no remember about that ) and only thing fb ask me is to confirm login using same pc used time ago which is this one but not get approved...don't know if there is a way for contact fb staff or something for try to retrieve it .