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Full Version: Video Game Weirdness
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Q: What is the strangest place you have played a video game?
A: A bowling alley playing pong on a arcade machine while on acid

Q: What is the longest you've attempted to repair a computer/console non-stop?
A: - nil -

Q: Have you ever had nightmares about games?
A: many times... ever since that bowling alley night

Q: Have you ever played a game that was too scary to play?
A: yes... during that bowling alley night
^ It was the bowling that did, not the acid Lol
(05-23-2020, 08:10 PM)Biggsy666 Wrote: [ -> ]^ It was the bowling that did, not the acid [Image: lol.gif]

You just might be right Biggsy666 lol

it was so long ago
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