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Full Version: Wagwarn everybody
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Alright! Not popped on here for yonks. Just checking in.
Any old TiZ members still about?

I hope you're all doing good

Welcome Back! Happy to see you again, been doing fine! Hope the same for you!
I'm an old TiZ member... My user name has changed over the years cause I use to get banned all the time. Sometimes it took a long time, other times I just changed my user name...

BUT I WAS NOT THE FUCKIN LUNATIC WHO I forget his name, that wasn't me... who caused major shit.

All I did was got too drunk and said stupid stuff ... remember me?
I was the original kurb, before curbside joined. Then I was I forget .. I eventually used kaduflyer

oh yeah I remember you humanfly138
LOL Welcome to the NONE TiZ site!
It's a different ballgame here mate Smile

GTSY you both
thanks for the welcome dude. I know it is nothing like before, but neither is our wonderful world  Smile

I have been crawling around on the floor of this site for awhile now so I kinda get its groove on lol
Hello there HumanFly , i remember you from TIZ well.
Good to see you pop in. There's still a few of us about here but i really miss some of the guys. Cat, SC and many others.
Hello Humanfly ,

I remember you well. Nice to see you in non-TiZ site. V is dead but JD is alive. 

I hope that you enjoy with us. Welcome  Smile
You were a cool cat on TIZ so it's good to see you around!
Nice to see some of you are still together here

 [Image: oscar.gif]  I'm miss my lightning bolt