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Full Version: The history of crazy climber documentary
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I like this game, thanks for sharing!
I don't remember seeing this in an arcade? But after your video I definitely want to give it a go!

Thanks for another great video!
Crazy climber, one of the most annoying games I ever had the misfortune to play in the arcades.
The joys of 2 levers.... (analogue sticks)

Thanks for the post Pat
I have never seen this game , and also never hear for her ,but video is still top notch, thank you.
Cool! Pretty unique for it's time. wish I got to play this in the arcade! the sequels look good too!
Great vid Pat!
I have an original Japan release of Crazy Climber 2000 on the ps1, just got it a couple of days ago so gonna give it a try. Smile