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Full Version: The history of the wonder boy franchise documentary
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Great video, thanks for sharing! One of my favorite series!
Impressive how you reached to mount a 30 mins documentary in this great way.
Professional, NEVER boring, a joy to watch entirely

wondering how many hours of hard work beyond this

about the serie, as a rpg lover i liked a lot the turbografx variant
^ I completly agree with @Kremiso here ,you history of games videos are alwais fun , well made and well documentaded, and never boring, no mater how long they are.
Great work !
really Sasa
i would like to see these videos broadcasted on tv
a ton million better that some sh.t they pass everyday
Patmanqc's videos have always been good quality!
I remember finding your videos years ago and you were mostly talking about bowling video games which honestly isn't something I'm interested in, but with your style of humour mixed with good facts. I subscribed to your channel after the first video I watched!