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Full Version: Game systems you DON'T own, but wished you did
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Similar to the "systems you own" thread, but this time for systems you don't own / aspire to own / regret getting rid off / etc, and any associated story to go along with your choice(s).

For me, I've never owned a Sega Saturn... I rented one from the video store several times for extended weekends of fun, and I had friends and housemates that owned it, even my younger brother bought one - I opted for the Playstation.
The only reason I've never bought one since it's heyday is that my brother has maintained he still has his and when he finds it I can have it... after almost a decade of sporadically badgering him to find it, I still don't own a Saturn.
Even more annoyingly, one of my good friends that owns a complete PAL Saturn collection with a big chunk of the US exclusives and most of the JPN exclusives worth owning keeps reminding me that I can have any duplicates in his collection - and I know he's good for it, as the same friend gave me my NeoGeo CD!
i always fancied the NEO GEO cd console, i'll get around to owning one someday
The only "2" machines I always wanted to own were not consoles....
SHINOBI (System 16 PCB)
Bubble Bobble (JAMMA)

I'd pay for a 2 player cab with these games on.. Bubble Bobble is one of my all time fave games, and Shinobi is just awesome arcade game.

Used to own a 2 Player Street Fighter II CE cab but "Gave it away" (SOB) due to moving into a flat....3rd story...

I wish I had a hacked Vita so this really would be the next console I'd be looking for... Maybe a scratch card win....
Turbo duo R
playstation 4
Nintendo Switch
Skycurser Arcade machine (or at least some way to play it that does not involve me driving over 150 miles)
Sega Saturn and Sega (Mega) CD.

I regret selling my Playstation 2, but i'm going to get one again.
PlayStation 2, but even though they are commonly available I simply don't have any space to put it nor place for it's wires to be strolled across to be hooked up.
probably it doesnt count,
but almost all the old Capcom and Taito coin-ops
Forgotten Worlds, Rastan Saga and Ghost'n'Goblins above all  Heart
I've got more or less all the consoles I could ever need except for a fully kitted out Genesis and a Saturn, I'd like to get a Wonderswan Crystal and a backlit GBA too eventually.

As far as arcade hardware though, there's so many I would love to have, Dungeon Magic, Ollie King, Darkstalkers 3, F-Zero AX Monster Ride...
I grew up with just the original Playstation and my GB Pocket (broken after a couple of years, just before the Pokémon mania Sad ) and back in the good old days I always wanted a PS2 (bought right after a non-retrocompatible PS3) and the Dreamcast.

I remember looking at the ads for Sonic Adventures and feeling like those screens were taken from a ultra-advanced arcade game with photo-realistic rendering. They were just like a photo! Unfortunately I did not have any chance to own a Dreamcast since I've never seen one in the shops around my area and... well, since I did not know it existed until something like 2006!

And here I am, still hoping to own one in 2018. One day I will surely pull the trigger Smile

Since we can talk about arcade machines too I've always wanted a Neo-Geo MVS cabinet (just a dream, I'm not a billionaire), The Ocean Hunter (SEGA Model 3 game), and both the D&D beat 'em ups by CAPCOM.
Easy, the Neo Geo, always wanted one and will probably never own one.
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