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Full Version: The History of the Zeebo - Brazil's First Gaming Console
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Hi everyone,

Today I decided to take a look at the Zeebo, the first gaming console ever created in Brazil.

I hope you'll enjoy it! Big Grin

Nice vid st1ka, you got your butler to introduce you Lol

I have a couple of freinds from Brazil, gonna see if they know much about it next time i see them at football.
Great Vid! always fun learning gaming history! Big Grin
Awesome video St1ka!
I'm always learning something new. Thumbup
Thanks for the video St1ka, great one! very enjoyable Icon_thumbup One can learn something new everyday Smile
Thank you so much, never heard about it though.
Nice to see you doing a vid with top hat St1ka, i watch his channel a lot, he's an opinionated guy and i like that.
I don't alway's agree with him and i gotta say that i would definately not pick up a zeebo, it's as dead as a dodo, good luck finding any games/roms to play on it.
Great video St1ka  Big Grin , never heard about Zeebo before. I like the look of the console.  Smile
Very interesting , thanks for sharing .
i knew Brazilian hw/sw market was particular (i remember ie some master system/megadrive releases)
but this Zeebo was absolutely obscure to me...
GREAT review !
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