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Full Version: Relaxing games ?
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I play this game, seems relaxing!
[Image: apps.46022.13510798887478620.57a8b1c2-bb...=%2315231a]
(01-02-2019, 05:31 PM)Kremiso Wrote: [ -> ]this afternoon i find Toki Tori lost in one of my hdd
seems i leaved also this uncompleted at time (last world)
it can be exchanged for a children game, but imo its fun,
or well, best genre i can play atm lol

Toki Tori is such a big trap. You think it is a simple kids game, but it is actually a very hard puzzle game, I never managed to finish it. I think I have 2 levels left on normal difficulty.

I would recommend you check out a game called "Switchball".
(01-04-2019, 12:18 AM)Rodion2018 Wrote: [ -> ]I would recommend you check out a game called "Switchball".

yes, my previous comment about Toki Tori was incomplete
i like the game, the normal path levels are a GOOD challenge (mind talking), but there are 2/3 very hard hidden in Smile
90% of hard path levels are a real pain in the ass, i must admit to have watched a couple of tube videos to complete them (i hate this)

thanx for the Switchball hint, i already have played it, i can confirm its another good relaxing game
i like these type of games, another good one is imo Puzzle Dimension
(01-02-2019, 12:15 PM)Kremiso Wrote: [ -> ]i'm searching for relaxing games, with near zero action in and, why not, that require a little brain (absolutely NOT strategic Smile )
no time-limited and possibly no lives too
titles you think are fun to play from start to end without stress too much
age or hardware is not important, could be an extremely old, indie, steam or new one
(apart last gen console, medium/strong PCs)

today i was playing Key Finder on c64 and yes, was good

now im thinking at Kula World ps1, but has time limit iirc

any hint is appreciated (apart google translator lol)

I know what you mean, I often enjoy that kind of games as well, I recommend you trying I.Q.: Intelligent Qube, is a puzzle game released for PS1 you just have to control a character who runs around a platform made of cubes lol while trying to clear out certain cubes as they approaches you, I played that game precisely about a year ago and I honestly can say is quite relaxing.
today im playing Ecco the dolphin DC
without doing anything (game progress talking)
and listening his Tim Follin soundtrack...
well, its relaxing  At
Games that keep me relaxed and keep me from going apesh*t
Gta sa (just can't beat that So Cal vibe)
The simpsons hit and run (the yellow colors make me happy)
Bomberman hero n64
Pilot wings n64 (there be polygons here)
Thony Hawks 1,3, underground

These are my stress-free games hopefully some fit you Smile
^^ thanks for the hints, im already ok
now this thread could be useful to other users searching for an extremely soft gameplay

i want add to the list some titles i played in past, like solitaire card / hidden objects genre or Bejeweled;
this last in infinite mode
i randomly found this basic browser adventure game, called The Path
seems a game for kids, but its imo fun at lest to try to complete it Smile
it works on mobile too
I dont know about relaxing games,but there is an anime that pretty much embodies relaxation for me. it is called "Barakamon",and it is only 12 episodes. watch it kremiso :)

also,there is a very relaxing game song that i love. google "Grey Matter Main Menu Theme" :)
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