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Full Version: How did you became an RPG fan
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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share a little story about how I became an RPG fan. Perhaps some of you can share yours too. My first RPG experience wasn't so great. As a kid I had a Sega Master and one Christmas my parents got me Golvellius. I was 5 years old at the time. I was very impressed by it as it is one of the best looking games on the system and the music was great. Golvellius is a Zelda "clone" where you play as a green haired dude and try to rescue the princess. The game was cryptic, and it didn't help that I really didn't speak english at the time. You had to keep smashing your sword against rocks and trees to find  the next level. I could never beat it. So I was frustrated by it for years. If a gamebox on the back had top down view with small characters or mazes and towns I would avoid it like a plague. When I went to middle school I had and old 200mhz Pentium pc. It was then when I discovered the world of emulation. At that time Pokémon was getting popular. The characters caught my attention and I wanted to play it. No$gmb was there to the rescue :p. I was hooked with the game. My goal was never to catch them all like the slogan. I just wanted to beat everyone. So I just tried to have a small team of different types. Anyways my Pokémon fever didn't last long. When Pokémon became a worldwide success many religious pastors, evangelist and whole religious organizations in my country started to attack it. The claims were that it was satanic. The reasons were the following:

1- Pokémon means pocket monsters
2- Abra-Kadabra means something satanic
3- That episode with porigon that made kids sick

Funny thing as you can see, is that they were making claims but didn't investigate at all. Where are the pokémon with creepy pokédex entries ? Just pointing fingers with no research at all. Anyways, since my parents are religious they banned Pokémon from our house haha. At first I was a little sad but I turned elsewhere. I needed something similar. I was a Sega boy so all I had was Genesis that time and I didn't knew there were similar games on it. So I tried Nes emulation(the bloody finger nesticle). The game I tried was the fan translated version of Final Fantasy 3 and I beat it. Later I played Zelda a Link to the past on gameboy and then played Final Fantasy 4 emulated. I didn't like FF5 and 6. So then I played FF7, Grandia 2 etc. etc. etc.

I think the Pokémon ban was good thing because it gave me the chance to play something more interesting with better stories that get you in. I know there are some people that buy nintendo systems just to play pokémon and they don't know what they are missing. Pokémon isn't a bad game. It's just that the story is usually too simple. Catch hundreds of pokémon you're never going to use and beat the league. I was never really interested in catching them all if I wasn't going to use them and keep them  in a PC. That's abuse for those poor critters haha

Anyways that's my story. I hope it was interesting to some of you. How did you get into Rpgs ? Which was your first one ?
Wow that's a lot to take Lol sweet story man. Well this is an easy one for me, I'll try to keep it short tho, I first started with Legacy of the Ancients on a C-64. I was like 8yo back then if I recall. Dang…time flies. However the gameplay hasn't held up that well for me, and that's even with a healthy dose of nostalgia. I must say it's not a terrible game, it just hasn't aged well, then I played the 98 Phantasy Star on SEGA MS, was hooked on RPGs since then…
My first RPG was on C-64 ,it was Battletech ,strategy RPG but not really good ,so i dint REALY  get in to RPG until i get PS1 , Vandal Hearts 2 was game that hook me up, it was so diferent from everithing i played, strategy RPG with nearly endless customization options, every character can be every class you want,you can transfer all skills and magic you learn to any other  same type of wepon and make any combinatins you want , you can endlessly combine classes (give your wizard staff and sword, he will still be powerful long range wizard with powerful close and middle range swordskills and attacks),characters will look diferent both in game  and in cutscens  mode  with EVERY armour you place on them(and there is ower  100 diferent looking armours in game)  , there is so much secrets and hidden goodies to find, so many tactics and so many ways to play a game . For example,you have skills that make wooden  crates and can use them to climb anywere,or trap enemy to be harmless so you can explore map in peace,  skill that destroy crates,alowing you to acces new areas ,skills that change water in to a solid grouns, so you can walk on it and acces new area,skills that open treasure chests,skills that detect buried treasure ,passive skills, active skills,link attack skills,4 diferent endings ,new harder game + mod(can also be activated with ps1 contoler inputed cheat right before start of game),great story full of unexpexted twists,lots of realy,realy cruel bad guys,lots of gore and realistic ,non-censored war violence otherwise not often  shown in games (every enemy you kill gushing-spill 10 liters of blood in a secund  ,opening cut scene shows certain commander of elite soldiers ordering burning and killing of entire vilage , as example , just because some vilager hide fugitive, there is also scene where 2 soldiers prepare to rape woman ,while child cling to his dead dad,trying to wake him) .
By my opinion, only other game rivaled Vandal Hears 2 is Final Fantasy Tactics,thats how good i think it is .
Before there were video games there was D&D. That's how I became an RPG fan. Smile
curious thing, im too a jrpg nut but i cant remember clearly the first one played...
probably Shining Force, was able to unlock the gate, and let me enter in this elite-gaming Smile
through Dragon Age: Origins. still one of my favorite games of all time (number 2 in fact,only eclipsed by its own sequel Dragon Age: Inquisition Smile. i have replayed DA:O tons of times since, and i am the type to almost never replay a game. it is just that awesome,epic,and great Smile

DUNGEON MASTER/Chaos Strikes Back - Atari ST.
the original Dungeon Crawler

Dragon Warriors aka Dragon quest for nes. THEN ALOT OF WIZARDRY when i got a computer. Wish most they were more english user friendly, but least someone is working on changing that.
Can't really remember what RPGs I first played.... but what made their marks were Diablo 1 and 2, Titan Quest, Bard's Tale, Torchlight 1 and 2 and many more....
As of right now, I'm playing a PSP title > Untold Legends - Brotherhood of the Blade which is quite a decent one! Big Grin Dunno if Rune and others alike count but it's also quite good!
And as with JRPGs, I'm currently playing the Ys Series.
first RPG was Final Fanstay III (AKA FF VI now) then chrono trigger. and i can't recall the others...
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