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Full Version: Arcade played in childhood/youth era ?
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after ZX great mame release, i fell in nostalgia, again Smile
this would be a thread to share old arcades (better if not too much popular) you have played (or watched played) during childhood/youth, on real coin ops

the first i want share is Roc n Rope, 1983 Konami.
i have played this in late 80s (88/89), its a no scrolling game, where you must go in the upper side of the screen, avoiding prehistoric mans and dinosaurs, to reach the 'bird of fortune' Smile
you cant jump, to reach other platforms you must use an harpoon
[Image: roc_n_rope_arcade_game.jpg]
Some of my Fav are TMNT, Simpsons, Gauntlet Legends, MVC 1 & 2, X-men, DND, All the Capcom Fighting games.
My first game was Daytona USA 2 on Deluxe cabinet at old mall when I was like 5 years yet I wasn't able to reach the pedals so with help from my father we play it together. It was great that time but sadly they closed the mall and the game gone forever. Ahh now I miss that cabinet, it was so kewl :')

[Image: dayto2pe.png]
First Arcade game I remember playing was,"Wonder Boy". I remember because I could reach the controls and see the screen Smile

First Arcade Game I completed was Bubble Bobble

First Arcade Game I could Complete on 1 Credit

Can’t recall the first arcade game I played but I’m a big fan of Cadillacs and Dinosaurs and Dynamite Cop.
Still play them frequently nowadays.

[Image: Cadillacs-and-Dinosaurs.jpg]

[Image: Dynamite%20Cop10.jpg]
Ones I remember playing were Gigawing, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, The Punisher, AVP Arcade, Turtles in Time, X-Men Arcade and many more!
oh man since my father loves to assemble an arcade machine (it was our business anyways) the first arcade that i played was a SNES console and a Family computer stuff like that.. and the very first arcade game that i beat was contra the alien wars on SNES Smile
I'll never forget that time I first played WWF WrestleFest back in the days on some bar called Dave & Buster's? When I visited Dallas once, I think that's the name, can't remember very well, was a long time ago tbh... Anyway since that day I feel there was NO better wrestling game in arcade than WWF WrestleFest. Its just one of those childhood favorites that still feels fresh and fun to play these days. So many fun memories with this game!
LOL! as already said in another thread, here in Italy coin op machines were in pubs, so until 8/10 years age my parents would not let me enter there... Smile

another i remember is Circus Charlie (1984 Konami)
played around 1986 (foggy date) and never completed at time, max result 5th level out of 6
[Image: 18422702.jpg]
I hung out in the back of a bar in a little town of 2000 people called The Hawk's Nest playing Double Dragon, Afterburner, Time Soldiers, Elevator Action, and Contra. I also hungo out at one arcade owned by a guy named bob and then after that another arcade ran by another bob.
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