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As far as I'm aware there has been no threads about this topic, so LETS DO THIS! Tongue
Well.. mobile games, most of them are "free-to-play" and some of them not, and lets not forget the evil "microtransactions"  Red remember when mobile games weren't all pay to win? I have to say, some games are a true piece of work and pretty awesome, and of course, a lot are shit, if you think about it, It's like having an entire set of consoles together in your pocket. Sure, nothing like the real thing, but still fun when you're on the bus or outside all alone (is better then nothing) There's a huge large range of games available out there but.. you know what really grinds my gears? People who play mobile games call themselves "gamers" lol
Some people may think mobile games are for losers or simply dont give a rats ass, some might say they are "better than PC, period!" one thing's for sure 99% are addictive AF Lol

A couple of games that worth mentioning for Android and iOS:

Madden 08
Guitar Hero (rip off of it)
Counter Strike
Metal Gear Acid
Battle Ships (rip off/redone version)

Remember Bounce..? one of the best mobile games when we had no Android and iOS..!
[Image: before-android-this-was-000000e-i-83-000...-pqXEf.jpg]

Anybody here got any thoughts on mobile games?
I have mobile games on my android phone and I have Retroarch.
Some games are
Lightseekers RPG and TCG
Then I have my social apps and youtube stuff
Plex is also a great app if you have a server
The rest are boring adult apps.
The games I usually play on mobile are
1) resident evil 4
2) no thing
3) retro City Rampage
4) downwell
5) super hexagon
6) danmaku death
7) perfect moon
WHOA! Bounce! Brings me back on the Nokia days! Big Grin

My younger brother's more on mobile games than but,
I Played
Adventures of Mana
Wild Blood
NOVA - Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance
Dungeon Hunter Series

He Plays
What I played
Witch Spring
The Legend of Roland
Hungry Shark Series
Mobile Legends
Rules of Survival

Mostly Online ones.... Big Grin
Yeah,mobile games are very  adictive, but to many pay to win games all over place there.
Every  game that becomes popular goes in same direction :
-You need to pay for winning weapons/tools with real money (usually you need to pay at least couple of this tools,each cost at least 50$),
-New update month later, that winning tool become nerfed and new tool that is much better that neds to be purchased again is relised,
-Players feel cheated(and they are) ,but all complains are ignored and you only have 2 choices, keep buying or quit and loose every money you already invested. 

Developers and game companies cheat paying and free to play players all the time, and there is no law to protect them , it is complete despotisam to averige gamer out there, we have no rights to game assets we legaly pay.

Is it time to organize and create gamers Union ? 
We will strike (not paying anything in games until we get some rights) !
I'm not really into mobile gaming, but I do dabble with a few titles every now and then. I'm not keen on playing games on my phone, so tend to play mobile games on my tablet.
The titles that have drawn me in over the years have been:
Snake (back in the pre-touch screen, Nokia, days)
Tiny Death Star (the Star Wars version of Tiny Towers... I think it got shit-canned when EA got the SW license)
Flappy Bird
Pinball Arcade
Pac Man 256
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (although it got boring pretty quickly)
Pin Out (interesting 'endless' pinball)
Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes (which I stopped playing about a year ago when my tablet couldn't handle the updates, but I'm back into it now I've picked up a new tablet)

I've just started the F2P Shin Megami Tensei Dx2 game, but I'm barely through the tutorials... so, not sure if I'll stick with it.
And now I've got a capable tablet I may try out the Fire Emblem mobile game.
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(02-18-2019, 05:55 AM)Exh0rder Wrote: [ -> ][Image: giphy.gif]
Mobile gaming means playing on a Nokia NGage Lol