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Full Version: Area 51 (PC Version) Midway - FREE!!!!
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[Image: jpl3ou1mhzg21.png]

Not sure if anyone knows this, but this fun shooter has been declared freeware.

It's freeware on PC now, so if anybody wants a nostalgia trip here's a link to the installer (installed, tested and played it myself)

and make sure you download the latest update

Both David Duchovny and Marilyn Manson star in this game Smile

Have Fun!
Thanks man..
I remeber playing the Game that's like a spiritual successor and enjoing that one, but never tried this one out
..might give it a try now

There's also a Mod called "Project Dreamland 1.0"  which includes the main Game (it is Standalone) and adds a few things, like, Multiplayer, Widescreen, compatibility for modern PCs, etc. :
Thanks bro! loved this coin-op game. very fun with 2 people in Arcade, it was also made for ps2 in 00'. Awesome game! The new black site A51 game was really awful. That old 2000 area 51 game by midway was the best knees! Awesome story!
Thanks Dude! Big Grin
This was an awesome game on PS2 when you sussed the control system out. Shame it ain't Psy-Ops though
I checked, and Midway (along with the US AirForce) released two other Games for FREE, besides "Area51", namely "the Suffering- Ties that bind" and "Rise & Fall- Civilizations at War" :

Here are some Download links :
(02-22-2019, 11:03 AM)zombiegauze Wrote: [ -> ]Both David Duchovny and Marilyn Manson star in this game Smile

Sad thing is, the two of them are the worst part of the game, they did a terrible job as voice actors.

It's a good game and very funny too. If you search for all the secrets you will find papers about many different government conspiracies.
Thank you Zombie Big Grin , it's a fun game.

@ZX81v2 Wow, Psi-Ops is now freeware for PC? That's awesome, thanks ZX!  Big Grin