My Favorite games for the Xbox One

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Despite rumors, I own an Xbox one, and I do play it. I know i may look like a Sony fanboy, but all games have a place in my collection. Here are a few of my favorite Xbox One games.

What Is Input lag?

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As gaming has evolved, we have moved from CRT televisions to LCD and plasma. However there is a cost for retro gamers, Input lag. What is input lag? Well watch as I give a simple explanation and some basic knowledge. While I can't help you master the subject, I can give you enough information so you can make a decision that you will be happy with.


The history of Toki arcade documentary

Get to Know gamer Moandain Designs

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So I was on Retro Rivals' Get to know Gamer this weekend.

Shadowrun Trilogy GOG Giveaway

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Get a free copy of Shadowrun Trilogy right now on


The historry of WWF superstars arcade documentary

The history of vigilante arcade documentary

My Favorite Spinoff Games

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Sometimes the best characters are not in the limelight. Sometimes the they are standing next to the hero. Join me in exploring what I consider some of the best spinoff games in my collection.


Old game or new games if you could only choose one

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So easy going gaming made a video asking about only choosing Games of the past to play or Games of the future and if you could only choose one. Here is my reply.

The arcade conversions volume 2

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