The history of midnight resistance arcade console documentary

Halo Series Review

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So it is the first of the month and I plan my videos years in advance..
I can neither confirm or deny that I am a time traveler.


The history of WWF Royal rumble arcade game

The history of super double Dragon

My Atari 2600 Collection

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So I have a nice little Atari 2600 collection. It was my very first console so these games hold a bit of meaning to me. Here I discovered the possibilities of video games.
SUPER SIZED - "Get to Know Gamer" The Reunion Special
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That's right, Get to Know Gamer just went supersized! We're going to have a big reunion and you're invited! There will be lots of questions, chatting with the audience and did I mention prizes?? Here's a little backstory of how "Get to Know Gamer" came to be. In 2020 we started our "Get to Know Gamer" by inviting our friends to talk about their favorite, most influential games. Games that shaped them, games that inspired them, games that made them the gamers they are today! We had so much fun with this concept we thought, "Why not ask our Youtube/Gamer friends to get involved and the outpouring of acceptance was overwhelming! We are so happy to be doing this reunion special and we have a whole new group of guests coming in 2022! This is not the end, just the beginning of something great!

The history of River city ransom documentary

Controller collection #4

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It is the 1St of the Month and I have a new Video!
So I have a collection of systems and with that I have a collection of controllers. Maybe I have an addiction to controllers.... Who knows.


The history and the games of the Neo Geo

The Haunted Game room

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