Chronicles of a Vampire Hunter

ISO Chronicles of a Vampire Hunter 2023-04-02

With his infant son brutally murdered and his wife, Emily, reborn as a vampire, James Farrington has himself become a creature of the darkness. Now he strikes back against the forces of darkness, prowling the streets of Victorian London in search of his vampire bride, determined to end her suffering and gain what peace he can. His journey will uncover a horrific conspiracy masterminded by evil vampiric mystics, bringing James head-to-head against some of the horror genres most compelling creations in a quest to banish darkness from the earth and prevent the completion of a daemonic ritual that could spell doom for all humanity.
Face off against Imps, Ghouls, Werewolves, Vampires and other, fouler beings across stunning period locations. The streets of Whitechapel, the London Docks, Lunatic Asylums, a forbidding Monastery and more must all be swept clean of evil across seven terrifying acts.
Use your knowledge of horror mythology to destroy your enemies: silver for werewolves, holy water for vampires. Many other weapons combinations will be necessary if you are to prevail in this horrifying struggle to save your soul.
This game was out on PS2 first, as Daemon Summoner.
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