Crazy Burger

ISO Crazy Burger 2023-06-24

Crazy Burger simulates the experience of being the lone employee of a heavily trafficked fast food establishment. Customers queue up at the counter and the player must walk to the counter and engage them in order to take their orders, which are graphically depicted. Different levels depict increasingly complicated restaurants and each one has more equipment covering the floor. Such items to be retrieved and served are drinks (3 sizes), ice cream (3 flavors), fries (which must be fried but not for too long), and burgers (which must be fried just the right amount of time, then prepared, then served).

2 players can compete against each other on the same floor with 2 different registers. Watch out for obstacles on the floor, such as random banana peels that can put the player out of commission for a few seconds. The goal in each level is to successfully serve a certain number of customers while never exceeding a certain number of irate walk-off customers.
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