Dig Dug Deeper

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Dig Dug Deeper 2001
The game moves from planet to planet, each with a different number of levels, which each have underground levels. On the planet's surface, the gameplay is 3D, and there are a variety of holes. At first, there are no enemies on the surface, but Taizo Hori can still fire his pump in eight directions, the usual, plus diagonally.

These holes are closed, but when first reaching a level, a Pooka will jump out, opening a mound. If Taizo Hori is maneuvered into it, the gameplay will shift to underground mode. This mode is basically the same as the original game, but with a few more features described later. The enemies can "ghost" through walls at certain times too. After all but one of the enemies are destroyed, the remaining one will begin to flee at double-speed to the top of the level, which now has a tunnel to the surface.

If the player destroys it, the level ends, and Taizo Hori appears back on the surface.
If it escapes, the same occurs, but now the enemy is on the surface. It still must be killed, but is harder, because its movement is no longer limited to just four directions.
Its DigDug ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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