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Figured I should post this here. I've been working on Hexen as a side project for a while now tweaking the code and adding features to better help todays xbox modder.

Basic rundown on changes:
* Updated bios options including force 480p versions.
* XBlast OS bios added for RAM upgrade testing purposes as both a TSOP flashing option and the App version.
* New "Remove Hexen Footprint" option to remove the pesky "Delete Me" and "Hexen Tools" folders that constantly get installed and left behind on the E partition.
(I know the clean up installation files option is supposed to do this but half the time it seems to not do its job so I added this option anyways)
* Reverted back to the stock version of the UnleashX.xbe file to be more friendly to those of us that still do not replace the game artwork.
* Added option to swap in the patched UnleashX.xbe file that does not extract the original game artwork. That option is located within the Repair Dashboard menu.
* Added John Conn's Eeprom Nulling tool as an installable app to save the trouble of FTPing it to the system manually.
* Cleaned up the code for when you load up the bios flashing menu to keep it from changing around your dash settings and reverting you back to a default UnleashX.
* Changed Menu window colors to better match the new look.
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