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    How do I unban my PS3 in 2019?

    Earlier this year I purchased a PS3 Slim to mod with CFW from GameStop, when I was setting up the PS3 I found out the console ID is banned. Due to health issues and having to have surgery I wasn't able to return it, I did however get it modded with the latest method at the time (April or May I...
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    Xbox FTP is EXTREMELY slow?

    I use FlashFXP but have the same issue with FileZilla as well, when transferring a game to my Xbox the transfer speed is around 700 kbps or less and it takes an hour or so for just one game. My router is literally right beside my Xbox with a short Ethernet cable, I have also tried changing...
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    scalper prices for quality retro gaming cables

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    N64 reset fix

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    Anyone have OG Xbox wide banner icons?

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    OG Xbox wont turn on?

    My girlfriends Xbox wouldn't power on so I offered to fix it for her, I figured the clock cap leaked and damaged traces or another cap was bad. After opening it and seeing where the clock cap leaked I removed it / cleaned the area and ran jumper wires to bypass the damaged traces and verified...
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    CBOX MVS BIOS upgrade?

    I have a CBOX Neo Geo MVS (the Aliexpress one) with UniBios 3.3 and I ordered the NeoBiosMasta and UniBios 4. The motherboard is a MV-1C and it looks like the Bios has been replaced and it appears to be a bootleg UniBios, my question is would replacing the Bios be as simple like a normal upgrade...
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    Wii goes straight into BootMii

    Okay so this is the 3rd Wii I've modded but its been a long time. I installed the Homebrew Channel with the LetterBomb method using the HackMii Installer, then I installed BootMii as Boot 2. Then I installed PriiLoader, d2x cIOS Installer, and Multi Mod Manager. From there I backed up the NAND...