First games you remember getting?

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I don't remember what my first game was on the GB but i do know that my first games for my DC were Sonic Adventures and Crazy Taxi 2
LOVED Sonic Yes
HATED Crazy Taxi Enforcer 

You're welcome to share your thoughts Big Grin
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First game i played  was some driving game on Spectrum of my friend (cazy cars  maybe , i remember nice loading picture of some car, i dont remember gameplay) .
First game/s i get was that in-famous C-64 cartridge with Chess , fighting wizards and soccer crappy games . lol
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The first game I bought was Metroid which is still one of my favorite games. As far as the first game I got I have no clue. It was an Atari VCS game for sure. But I couldn't tell you which one.
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Max Payne 1 (PC)
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It was "Mortal Kombat 4" on PC. Well I wasn't into fighting games at that time, so I played like maybe 2 hours. After that I just unistalled it. But I still have that same CD on my collection which I think it's really nice. Second game that I remember getting was "Spider-Man 2" on PC (which it was bad, like REALLY bad). And third game was probably "Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time" (on PSX I think?) and it's probably one of my favorite game of all time.
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The first game I ever bought was Maziacs for the ZX Spectrum, followed a few weeks later by Atic Atac.
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Can't remember the first game I brought but the first game I played was donkey Kong 64 on the Nintendo.
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Nes was Contra
Snes was Street fighter 2
Wii was wii sports
Wiiu was nintendoland
3DO came with my entire collection of 3DO
3DS was Skylanders
GBC was Pokemon blue
Atari 2600 came with my entire collection as a lot
Atari 5200 Came as a lot
Atari 7800 was Joust
Jaguar was a lot buy
Lynx was a lot buy
CD-I was a lot buy
Ds was advance wars dual Strike
Gameboy advance was Advance wars
gamecube was luigi's mansion
Intellivision was a lot buy
Odyssey II was a lot buy
PC-FX was Battle Heat
Neo Geo AES was a lot buy
Neo geo Pocket color was a lot buy
N64 was Goldeneye
Virtual boy was a lot buy
Playstation was final Fantasy tactics
Ps2 was bouncer
Vita was lego movie
Ps3 was Overlord
Ps4 I do not own yet but my first game that I purchased was Ratchet and clank
PSP was phantasy star Portable
32x was a lot buy
Sega cd was a lot buy
Dreamcast was Sonic adventure
Genesis was Altered Beast
Master system was a lot buy
Saturn was a lot buy
TG-16 was Keith Courage and Nutopia
TG-16 cd was Vallis 3
Xbox was dead or alive 3
Xbox 360 was Halo 3
Xbox one Halo 5
Switch it will be Starlink but I want to wait for the black friday discount at target.
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Pitfall 2 and Rambo first blood part 2
Commodore 64 tapes
ORIGINALS!  Exclamation
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Star Fox on SNES. The first one I remember personally paying for was DK64, took me ages to save 70 bucks to buy that shit. I thought the expansion pak was the coolest thing back then.

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