Bethesda fans?

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I'm a huge Bethesda fan I personally think they make some of the greatest games. I'm tired of hearing all these internet trolls going out of the way to try to ruin them over one damn game fallout 76. Curious to here others opinions. I mean I think it's crazy to shit all over the company that brought us games like elder scrolls, doom, the evil within 2 and so many other amazing games. I get it if you get a bad game you feel ripped off but why try to ruin the entire company over it
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Don't wanna sound like an internet troll but as much as I love Skyrim and other Bethesda games, I cannot get into fallout whatsoever and I think some of their games are typically glitchy and somewhat broken, I always wonder will Bethesda games ever be more than moddable tech demos?
But I can say I totally dig it, it is funny how people talk smack about Bethesda games and yet they still buy them, still play them, and still get involved in discussing them everywhere! Bethsoft makes amazing games, always have and always will, yeah sometimes they get some things wrong, but they fix them, nothing is perfect.
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Doom was made by id Software.
Evil Within games are made by Tango Gameworks.

The games actually developed by Bethesda are known to be a buggy mess and nothing has changed over the years in that department.
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I can never be fan of todays game companies , since they are no diferent than any other greedy non-gamin companie.
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i bought at time the ogxbox mainly to play Morrowind because i had not yet a pc
and i bought later the 360 to play Oblivion, due a not so powerful computer  Dodgy 
i said everything Lol

i enjoyed Fallout 3 too when it was released (v.a.t.s. rulez!)
but yes, as MANY said, bugs and glitches a go-go Smile
big games, big bugs
about Skyrim there is another good thread here around
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As a Developer I hate Bethesda because pretty much all games they made are a steaming pile of Bugs at release and they are unable to fix properly. They should be ashamed for the fact that they shipped Skyrim VR with Bugs that where in the game for 6 years. They should also be ashamed that they sell said VR Version for full Retail Price, it should be a DLC for the regular version that for all that I care could cost half retail Price.

Fallout 3 was a proof-of-concept at best for what Obsidian would use for the only good 3D Fallout game, Fallout 4, Oblivion and Skyrim are way too dumbed down for their own good and they, including Fallout 3 and New Vegas to a degree, become borderline unplayable to unplayable if you should decide to turn off quest markers since they where never designed to be played without them, the quests just aren't written good enough to support that. They get even worse if you decide to not use the quick travel system provided in those games. Morrowind had this beautiful quick travel System with Boats, Teleporting by Mage Guild and Silt Striders that could be used to get from one place to another, but they only ever linked towns that supported one or more means of Travel, i.e. Teleporting was only accesible in Town with a Mages Guild and Boats could only reach towns that have access to the ocean or a bigger river. While this only linked the Towns and Cities, and some places didn't even have acces to any of the Systems, it was a fast Travel System that was explained in the context of the game world and made sense. Starting with Fallout 3 and Oblivion you only get the "Click on any already discovered location on the map" kind of Fast Travel, at that point there was no risk involved in getting to and from your quest locations.

Bethesda is much better at writing Lore for their games than they are at developing the games. I bought all 5 of the Books containing all Ingame Books from Skyrim and Elder Scrolls Online, it is a really well thought out Lore filled with Historic Events, great personalities and really believable relations between the different species, it's just sad they they are unable to bring out games worth playing that support this incredible Lore.
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I love the Fallout games but they are buggy as hell. I wish all companies would stop releasing what i consider to be unfinished games. Sad
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Can't really decide if I'm a fan or not..... It's really been a hit or miss on their more recent ones.... But they have an interesting history! Big Grin
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(01-26-2019, 07:18 AM)Rodion2018 Wrote: Doom was made by id Software.
Evil Within games are made by Tango Gameworks.
I totally ignored that lol you're correct, they had nothing to do with Bethesda.
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Bethesdumb can go fuck themselves. they ruined the elder scrolls with oblivion and skyrim, they ruined the fallout saga with Failout 4 and 76 is just a fuming pile of dogshit. they used to be good, but now they are just retarded dumbfucks just like other AAA devs.

Rambino81 : you're saying you're fed up with wanna be trolls about Bethesdumb, and you say utter bullshit by saying they made doom and the evil within.... get a brain, your days will be happier.
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