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Greetings - YukiXXL - 03-28-2019

Hi all people here. My real life nickname is Yuki and I added XXL just to look cool Tongue I love playing games as much as others do but I also like testing things like Beta's, Alpha's and early state ones. I also use Cheat Engine to make impossible things possible. I'am 20 if you really wan't to know and I'm from Croatia. I hope we will all get along well.
Cheers Big Grin

RE: Greetings - Biggsy666 - 03-29-2019

Welcome to the site, great to have you here Smile

RE: Greetings - Zerohour2k12 - 03-29-2019

Hi there! and Welcome to RetroZone!

RE: Greetings - Kremiso - 03-29-2019

welcome to the new site, Yuki!
XXL let me think at AlmaElma avatar image... lol

RE: Greetings - ZX81v2 - 03-29-2019

Welcome Yuki, glad you made it :)

RE: Greetings - kaduflyer - 04-27-2019

cheers... welcome