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Another Day - piratetar - 03-28-2019

Before joining t i z, I lost myself, and threw away almost all my boxed games (50), and 15,000 other (p c)games (on disk), that I had gleaned from the web. I had burned these games to disk and were in their own cases, filling some large boxes. I gave away, hundreds of computer parts, including video cards, disk drives, floppy drives, hard drives, towers, monitors, etc. I lost it, thought I could live another way, another day.

I felt a loss, inside my heart, and lost my way along this path, called life.

It was finding t i z that changed this in me, accepting my lot, accepting the fact that I was a lifetime gamer.
I tried to be different but it did not work, I finally found somewhere I belonged, where people understood me, and where I was at.

In 2015, I could have died, from intense pain inside my chest, I spent 10 days in the hospital, the bill was staggering, since I had no money.
I recovered some what, like I can walk but not run (like varrettaja).

I miss varrettaja, he gave out so much of himself, he was trying to find his way, too.

I thank those who set this thing up (Retrozone), it gives me a place to visit often, and I will donate when I have it to give.
Thanks to CurbsideRX and ZX81V2, and Alexrex,and Urkman for their great help and support!

Thanks everyone!             Best place on the web!

RE: Another Day - kaduflyer - 03-28-2019

I'm glad you picked yourself up and doin better... cheers matey!

RE: Another Day - MisterXiado - 03-28-2019

Unless you can live off the land and achieve enlightenment through zen meditation, ridding yourself of physical things will seldom help in any way.

RE: Another Day - SasaPinjic - 03-29-2019

Keep on pirating ya ol scurvy dog !  Smile

RE: Another Day - Biggsy666 - 03-29-2019

Stick with us piratetar, nothing wrong with being yourself.

RE: Another Day - Zerohour2k12 - 03-29-2019

Glad to know that you're doin' ok now mate! Stay with us! Good times ahead!

RE: Another Day - Kremiso - 03-29-2019

another day... another great old user in
glad to have you here pirate Smile

RE: Another Day - Domspun - 03-29-2019

Glad to see you here.

RE: Another Day - gamegeek - 03-31-2019

I need to use my mega account and get to uploading some stuff there for folks here to download.