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I NEVER LEFT! - 6gunn - 10-25-2018

Like it says:
I WAS LOCKED OUT with everybody else!
So I guess you COULD say I'm BACK.
As Boris Badenov would say:
"Please allowing me to introducing myself".

I'm 6gunn from TiZ (previously a.k.a. catwacker on dcisozone before the name change to theisozone.)
Hope that this place outlives me.
Also hoping the good crowd from the old site makes it here too.
I sure did miss some of them and and am glad to see some familiar faces.
I guess that's all for now except for one gripe:
My animated avatar 250x200 pixels is over the allowed size of 200x200 pixels, and I lament having to lose that part of my identity.
A small price to pay to be here though.
Gonna go now but I'll be back later to see how far the "stadium" has filled up.
Cheers! Smile

RE: I NEVER LEFT! - AlmaElma - 10-25-2018

Hiya Smile

RE: I NEVER LEFT! - Kremiso - 10-25-2018

the rifle cat is back lol

RE: I NEVER LEFT! - zombiegauze - 10-25-2018

Welcome back 6gunn

RE: I NEVER LEFT! - Jumbo - 10-25-2018


RE: I NEVER LEFT! - SasaPinjic - 10-25-2018

keep firing that AK !

RE: I NEVER LEFT! - dejang8722 - 10-25-2018

Welcome 6gunn!

RE: I NEVER LEFT! - BloodyThunderX - 10-25-2018

I'm sure when everything is worked out, the animated rifle cat will be animated once more.

Welcome aboard.

RE: I NEVER LEFT! - cat - 10-25-2018

I've missed the machine gun cat, welcome back 6gunn

RE: I NEVER LEFT! - Matty - 10-25-2018

If you never left, then you must have two right hands.