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SIGIL Megawad - Massamo - 05-31-2019

SIGIL Megawad is now available! Download this small 3.1MB file and have fun.


RE: SIGIL Megawad - Anthony817 - 06-01-2019

Thanks for reminding me this was a thing.

RE: SIGIL Megawad - Duwen - 06-06-2019

Anyone know if this will work via ChocolateDoom? I'd like to try it on my PSTV.

RE: SIGIL Megawad - Massamo - 06-06-2019

no idea im running it on my windows 98 machine

RE: SIGIL Megawad - CMR779 - 06-06-2019

I wonder if it would work on the original Dos doom.

RE: SIGIL Megawad - Dildo_Schwaggins - 08-18-2019

I use GZDoom now does it work with that?
all the levels look really dark from the videos I saw..
its just a dark difficult doom1 wad?