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never to old for video games 30 plus - iamthegamefreak - 06-11-2019

for us old folks 30 plus .
so us old guys/gals have to stand up for our rights to game against these ( said in a gravelly old voice ) little whipper snappers .lmao
so my sons and i have been going through and playing a ton of stuff when i started pulling out games like rugrats search for reptar (i love the mini golf level ) .
and all of a sudden i'm to old to have or play these types of games now.. one son is 15 other is 7 .so i told them .that being 47 years old doesn't mean i cant play certain games it means i can do and play whatever i want  that no matter what others may think of a game that if you find it fun to play than why not your never to old to have fun .but kind of funny the one who kept the controller the longest when it was his turn was the one who started the convo but in the end we all enjoyed playing everything we dug out that day .
I don't run in to it as often as i used to but i just think it's funny how my age is a factor on whether i should like something or not  .how even as young as 7 kids are taught by society what is age appropriate the weird looks when i tell people i collect video games or how some look at it as a waste of time and money .
so do any of you ever run into situations like this based mostly on your age ?????

RE: never to old for video games 30 plus - ZX81v2 - 06-11-2019

I'm 42 and play games from retro to PS3/360 stuff. I don't go for latest gen stuff mainly due to the costs involved. I remember my mates kid moaning about how slow the loading was on a PS2 game DVD..
I loaded up a ZX Spectrum 48k Emulator, turned on "Real time loading" and loaded a TAP file...
Then explained to him after he watched the load for 5 mins that this is a slow loader, DVD's are lightning fast land how kids need to learn patience :) with the final comment of you don't know how good you got it...

RE: never to old for video games 30 plus - Kremiso - 06-12-2019

when there are around little grandchildren/cousins i normally try to put on the teacher suit, but at the end of the day games choosed are often Bomberman style lol

i remember, one time to have teached a 13/15 years old guy and his friends how to play Tomb Raider 1 ps1
they were surprised (one was crying) how i completed first level without fails and finding all secrets

also, towadays im playing games that i never would in past...
its a pleasant mess...

RE: never to old for video games 30 plus - KadiusDar - 06-12-2019

I hear the, "You are too old!" and "What a waste of time and money!" bits a lot. I just tell them, "Look, if you can spend thousands in hunting equipment just to have an excuse to sit by a campfire and drink all weekend, then I can do what I like, and play video games. At least what I buy gets used!"

I usually get told that I can go screw myself with the last sentence!

RE: never to old for video games 30 plus - Biggsy666 - 06-12-2019

I don't hear this at all, i'm 45 and all the guys/gals i know grew up around games in some small way (especially the guys). Mostly all i get from them is requests to fix stuff up and so on, which i love to do so why not lol.

RE: never to old for video games 30 plus - Duwen - 06-12-2019

I'm 48...
Fuck anyone that says I'm too old for anything.

RE: never to old for video games 30 plus - Moandain - 06-12-2019

I am 39. I pay my bills, own a house, Keep my wife happy, have a youtube channel about video games, and play video games. 
I do not drink, smoke, do drugs, steal, watch sports or neglect any of my responsibilities. 

If people have a problem with me gaming, I have a CZ75BD that can tell them where to go.

RE: never to old for video games 30 plus - KadiusDar - 06-12-2019

I'm in the southern part of the US, Arkansas to be precise, and unless they are one of the ones that didn't want to go hunting, pretty much most look down on it around here, still. If ShadowStarLust is around, he might be able to support this. Though he lives 45 minutes from me, we live in very different areas. I'm in a small town of less than two thousand, and he lives in a city of over 80k. He might not hear it anywhere near what I do.

RE: never to old for video games 30 plus - PinKy - 06-13-2019

First Game I ever played in 1978.....

[Image: URXYUj39S-V_LBcMMrNU5Pl2ztGrfOzfwYHhg_V0...76a404fd6d]

Driving the Ladder was much more challenging with no one driving
(standing on a stool haha)

Still gaming.....:D

RE: never to old for video games 30 plus - Apogee444 - 06-13-2019

I'm 15 and I never say that don't listen to others who tell you that you are too old for doing the stuff you like if it's something you like to do continue others may see it as weird because everyone has a different opinion and a way of seeing things differently than you do