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Happy to be back - Seear - 10-25-2018

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I don't think I can speak for all of us enough when I say that it's fantastic to have a forum back. The new forum is top notch, real good shit.

Hey all, I'm Seear; phonetic for my initials C and R. I'm an aerospace and military contract machinist. I have way too many videogames. I have way too many cassette tapes. I enjoy modding systems but have not had the time recently. I'm an audio goon, I like music and the equipment that plays it. If you want a mixtape just ask I have many many tapes. The progress made even without a forum is incredable. TDR went up and made quick progress on listing links. It is my opinion that we only post what we upload and own. Make good use of the forum, it's quite impressive! Have a good one all.

RE: Happy to be back - BloodyThunderX - 10-25-2018

Welcome aboard. Smile

RE: Happy to be back - bobdole - 10-25-2018

Welcome to the new site!

RE: Happy to be back - damotheking - 11-06-2018

welcome Smile