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Half-Life: Alyx - Trailer - Massamo - 11-21-2019

RE: Half-Life: Alyx - Trailer - ALexRex - 11-22-2019

I'm pretty curious for this one, but I'm not gonna buy a 1000+€/$/£ Headset for it.

Also, this might open the way for HL3 or Episode3, so I'm stoked..
or imagine a L4D VR game where you can wield Swords.. now, that's something I would spend money on

RE: Half-Life: Alyx - Trailer - wakinafuf - 12-26-2019

in my opinion it's just another useless product made to attract stupids to that new valve VR device. (remember how the steam machines failed and even the steam link being not that popular ?)

the sure thing is : Gamers want that fuckin Half Life 3, not a bloody VR byproduct/spinoff.