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My Street of Rage 4 Review - tekkaman - 05-08-2020

So Street of Rage 4
Just wanted to share my experience with it. I´ve played the pc version.
Performance and Stability: The game runs great and is well optimized even though my computer doesn´t meet the minimum requirements. My PC specs are as follows:
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 910e 2.6Ghz
RAM: 8GB DDR3 1333Mhz
Video: ATI HD 4670 512MB
OS: Windows 7 64-bit
It runs full speed with ultra settings and no crashes at all.
Graphics: I´m glad the game isn´t 3D otherwise it would be like dynasty warriors. The graphics are hand drawn and look really good. Very sharp and colorful. Minor nitpick. I always thought Blaze was Japanese with her face and body type in the older games. But it´s not important.
[Image: profile-picture-by-blaze-fielding-d7vlkpe.png]
Gameplay: The characters have all the moves from SoR2 with some new ones added in. There are some problems though. They have taken all “unblockable” moves from the playable characters and gave them to the enemies. For example Axel´s Grand Upper in SoR 2/3 was almost unblockable to even the punk guys that slide. Another example is the conehead boxer guy in SoR2 that headbutts you. If you keep pressing the A button you can escape. The only unblockables are the star moves but they only give you one, unless you can find the other ones in the stage. And you can´t use them if you´re being grabbed or attacked. The special moves from the past are there but they´re almost like regular attacks and the only purpose is to try to rack up the hits or push the enemies to the side. They always take life unless you hit someone afterwards. If you get hit you loose even more life. All beat em ups of the past had unblockable emergency moves for when you´re cornered. This one only has the star moves. Now I don´t have that much of a problem with the regular enemies but the bosses are a problem. You have keep going around them to see if you can catch them by surprise. The worst offender is the commissioner Gordon boss. He´s most of the time blinking meaning you can´t knock him down and if you hit him you get tossed around with no A button to escape! My fav characters are Axel and Blaze and they move slower and also jump lower. Making walking around to get the boss when he´s not looking quite tough. I rarely loose lives at the stages but when I arrive at the bosses I always lose at least 2 lives and I have to play on easy. I used to play SoR 2 on hard mode. They also made some enemies that throw bombs and poison kinda like the ones that throw bomb from Final Fight. In Final Fight you can hit those hazards so they don´t affect you. I wish they could add that in SoR 4 as well. Some characters block almost indefinitely. You can throw them someone. Or you can cut them with a knife and sword. How do you block a sword with your hand and knees without getting cut ?
Music: I like most of them although some of them remind me SoR3. Like the Airplane Stage and the last stage. Really bad. I wish it had an iconic music for the bosses. Like the Mr Ys theme. And I wish that the last stage had the SoR 2 last stage remixed. But don´t get me wrong. There´s good music here. There´s a good effect that the music changes when enemies appear or between sections.
Re-playability: As you keep playing you unlock characters by score or advancing the story. It makes it a good incentive to play again.
Overall Opinion: With all the negatives I mentioned is it worth it? Yes. I think the developers tried very hard to honor the franchise and it feels that they made a lot of effort in making this game. Will I replay it to unlock all characters ? Of course ! Maybe if many people buy the game and they get enough feedback from the community they can even make an even better sequel. The last “modern” beat em up I played was Fight and Rage and I can say that SoR 4 is much better.

RE: My Street of Rage 4 Review - CMR779 - 05-08-2020

Nice review.  I think the art style is too cartoony, but I may still give it a try.

RE: My Street of Rage 4 Review - Gamerone - 05-09-2020

Nice Review!

RE: My Street of Rage 4 Review - tekkaman - 05-11-2020

Thanks guys. I wasn´t sure anyone would read a wall of text haha. Anyways, try the game. There´s still some fun to be had regardless.

RE: My Street of Rage 4 Review - SasaPinjic - 05-12-2020

We love walls of text when it is gaming related lol.