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ps2 controller extension cable - Dildo_Schwaggins - 02-01-2019

I have a bunch of these they are about 4ft extension or so,
well today I was trying out final fantasy xii undub.
i turned on controller vibration. when it vibrated in combat the game would glitch and say "please plug your controller in".
I thought it was this japan imitation sony ps2 controller that I was using. But it turns out it was not. Once I unplugged the extension cord and plugged the controller in without it, the game worked fine and so did the vibration.
It was wierd because the controller vibrated a few times with the extension cord plugged in. like in a cutscene. It seems to only be when you get hit by an enemy that it glitches out. Perhaps it is waiting for some feedback signal that it vibrated, and it takes too long with the extension cord. Probably not tho.... probably just crappy pin connection...
I was playing FF XII undub.