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Xbox Game Pass - Massamo - 03-20-2019

More games coming soon to xbox game pass

[Image: D2GnmTeVAAUDAvg.jpg]

RE: Xbox Game Pass - Felneth - 03-20-2019

I think something was lost in the copy pasting. I don't know much about the game pass, but is this the image you wanted to share?

[Image: xbox-game-pass-600x338.jpg]

RE: Xbox Game Pass - Massamo - 03-21-2019

image is working for me

RE: Xbox Game Pass - Biggsy666 - 03-21-2019

^ works for me too Mass

RE: Xbox Game Pass - Felneth - 03-21-2019

Must be something with FF or an add-on I have then. On Chrome seems to be working on this end too.

RE: Xbox Game Pass - Kremiso - 03-21-2019

im using Opera, and the first image is strangely zoomed and cut in the right side
on mobile, instead, all ok
browser folliesĀ  Smile

RE: Xbox Game Pass - piratetar - 04-13-2019

Deus EX is a great favorite of mine, just got this one, and have not played it YET....................Thanks Team One!