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  1. iamthegamefreak

    never to old for video games 30 plus

    for us old folks 30 plus . so us old guys/gals have to stand up for our rights to game against these ( said in a gravelly old voice ) little whipper snappers .lmao so my sons and i have been going through and playing a ton of stuff when i started pulling out games like rugrats search for reptar...
  2. iamthegamefreak

    so who here collects physical copies and consoles looking for other collectors .

    Hi my name is gamefreak (formerly know as gamefreaktothemax old site ) Just to start out I am very passionate about collecting (maybe to passionate sometimes ) I was just wondering how many collect ? How long you have collected for? Favorite system to collect for ? I collect for : nes , snes ...
  3. iamthegamefreak

    weird issue with a dreamcast freezing for cut scenes .

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  4. iamthegamefreak

    i am gamefreak was gamefreaktothemax

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  5. iamthegamefreak

    hello all .new site new member . feels weird starting over .

    well hello to all i just signed up . i used to be a member of the other site. i was gamefreaktothemax was a member for about 4 or 5 years then it vanished. i learned everything i know about modding from the old site and am extremely happy i found this one. SO HELLO TO ALL AND HOPE TO BE A...