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  1. PissedCrow

    It's been a while...

    we're getting old. That's sad.
  2. PissedCrow

    It's been a while...

    people have been moving from old forums to social media for a decade now. Even people who collect and play videogames. Yes, I dare say it : it was better before ! D:
  3. PissedCrow

    It's been a while...

    the old forums are dying... or have they been dead for awhile now and we're all just clinging to their remains....?
  4. PissedCrow

    Season's Greetings and Happy Holidays!

    Super late for that but happy new year
  5. PissedCrow

    MY controller Collection Part 3

    explain that to my country's tax system >.>
  6. PissedCrow

    Crows Were Dealt With

    2 years later I'm back and realize I didn't even say what my TiZ username was... it was really DealWithCrows. I know you guys don't care 'cause I wasn't really active... but I plan to be more active now... unless something IRL happens to me.... but I doubt it.
  7. PissedCrow

    MY controller Collection Part 3

    Great, I just got bitten by the collector's will again. Dat collection tho.... why did I sell mine back in the day...? Oh yeah, 'cause I needed money.
  8. PissedCrow

    How is everyone?

    bored AF... that can't be healthy... ... Am I still sane ? Was I ever sane to begin with ?
  9. PissedCrow

    Stream PC on TV : Best options

    Yo, after doing a quick search and getting no results, I came to the conclusion there was no thread about streaming your PC on your TV, so I hope I'm not creating an already existing thread. Forgive me if that's the case, I'm just a humble drunk french crow. I wanted to have you guys' opinions...
  10. PissedCrow

    Let's get this rolling.

    Necroposting on this thread Like I said a couple of months ago : I keep Steam on my comp, not touching the Xbox app [refer to my sign lol] feel free to add me, I play a lot of different games, and there's Halo Reach coming up. Plus maybe we can make a Steam group for Retro Zone
  11. PissedCrow

    Blizzard censoring & banning people talking about taiwan as much as I find political statements during videogame competitions gay, this move from Blizzard is pretty gay too. Also, CPP leader can't take jokes and hate when people...
  12. PissedCrow

    Turn your PC into a big gaming system

    Here's a video I found really interesting on how to turn your PC into the ultimate gaming machine [video=youtube] as said by the video itself : it's not about playing games you don't own for free, but it's about playing your games at a higher rez, framerate, and push the capabilities of a...
  13. PissedCrow

    Zelda ALTTP & Super Metroid Randomizer

    Have you played it ? I don't know if it's the best place to put this, but it's a rom file generated from a specific rom of Zelda A Link to the Past & Super Metroid that mixes both games and randomizes every item placement
  14. PissedCrow

    Stores and programs : consider these gears ground

    Steam was the reason for some people to stop piracy, so seeing an infestation of so many programs and store makes me worried people are going to go back to piracy (and the example of Borderlands 3 is relevant here : apparently the EGS version was as easy to pirate as : not uninstalling the game...
  15. PissedCrow

    Crows Were Dealt With

    Bonsoir, I used to be a member on TIZ during 2015-2016, and due to me not going much on internet, I didn't keep track of what happened in 2017-2018.... only learnt what happened recently, looked for the successor to TIZ and found this place (which seems to be what TIZ forums used to be)...