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  1. Jaydee777

    Experiences about The A500 Mini

    Anyone have The A500 Mini? I got it as a gift. I'm pretty happy with it, although I was skeptical at first. It is easy to add games using WHD-load. Which was a nice surprise. Compared to other mini devices. It's not genuine and not perfect, and it's quite expensive, but it works as a...
  2. Jaydee777

    Hello Members

    Welcome to RetroZone! Greets from ex- Varettaja.
  3. Jaydee777


    Welcome from old "varettaja" from TiZ.
  4. Jaydee777

    Hello folks!

    All the good for me. I have been quite busy 'coz I have my job and also I've got a new girlfriend (again you might say) . And she is a gamer. I gave to her an old laptop with an PS3 pad to play NES games. She has an original NES and also PS2. I can say that she is better on NES games than I. She...
  5. Jaydee777

    RIP Lotus Challenge 2023-08-08

    Lotus Challenge - REAL PROPER/WORKING - (c) Xicat Interactive <--( Release Information )------------------------------------- ----- --> Console System..: Microsoft XBox - Country..........: PAL/MULTI Game Type.......: Racing/Sports - Languages........: Multi Backup...
  6. Jaydee777

    Lotus Challenge

    Jaydee777 submitted a new resource: Lotus Challenge - Lotus Challenge - 2003 - XBOX (PAL) RIP Read more about this resource...
  7. Jaydee777

    Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

    Jaydee777 submitted a new resource: Gauntlet: Dark Legacy - Gauntlet: Dark Legacy - 2002 - XBOX (PAL) RIP Read more about this resource...
  8. Jaydee777

    RIP Gauntlet: Dark Legacy 2023-08-08

    Game.....: Gauntlet Dark Legacy PAL *Multilanguage DvD RiP* Origin...: EURO / PAL - Files......: gen-xgdl.001-022 Released.: 18.08.2002 - Format.....: Nero *.ISO Platform.: X-BOX - Files......: 22 * 20 MBSupplier.: GeNiuS - Ripped.....: see notes ...
  9. Jaydee777

    Prisoner of War

    Jaydee777 submitted a new resource: Prisoner of War - Prisoner of War - 2002 - XBOX (PAL) RIP Read more about this resource...
  10. Jaydee777

    RIP Prisoner of War 2023-08-08

    Prisoner Of War | Company....: Codemasters | Genre...: Adventure | Released...: July 17th, 2002 | Origin..: Pal - Europe | Media Type.: CD | Files...: 24 * 20 Mb | iNFO: | Prisoner of...
  11. Jaydee777

    RIP Champioship Manager 02/03 2023-08-08

    CHAMPIONSHIP MANAGER 02/03 Pal DVDRip [ Release Information ] Filename - x-xbox-cm Platform - Microsoft XBOX - Format - *.ISO Image Origin - PAL - Release Size - 35 x 20 MB Source - [ ] CD [x] DVD - Ripped - see...
  12. Jaydee777

    Champioship Manager 02/03

    Jaydee777 submitted a new resource: Champioship Manager 02/03 - Champioship Manager 02/03 - 2002 - XBOX (PAL) RIP Read more about this resource...
  13. Jaydee777

    XBOX Rips

    I'm uploading right now an scene-releases of XBOX DVD-rips. If someboy wants those. I won't upload any "rapes" . The game must be playabe. Mostly those have some movies ripped to get a DVD-game into CD. For those who had an small HDD in XBOX might want these. I'll try to post these in near...
  14. Jaydee777

    Gaming systems which you have own.

    Hi, Tell me which gaming systems (computers/consoles) you have own. Mine was; Commodore 64C, Commodore 64 breadbin, Commodore 64G, Vic-2, Nintendo Gameboy x 2, Sega Master System II, Amiga 500 x 4, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite x 3, Microsoft XBOX x 4, Playstation 2 PHAT x 3, Playstation 2...
  15. Jaydee777

    True Pinball

    Jaydee777 submitted a new resource: True Pinball - True Pinball - 1996 - PSX (PAL) Read more about this resource...
  16. Jaydee777

    ISO True Pinball 2023-06-24

    True Pinball is a console version of Pinball Illusions that has 4 different tables, named "Extreme Sports", "Vikings - The Tales", "Ricochet" and "Babewatch". Both 2D and 3D views (not available in computer versions) are available and over 32,000 colors in high resolutions boost it visually.
  17. Jaydee777

    War and Peace: 1796 - 1815

    Jaydee777 submitted a new resource: War and Peace: 1796 - 1815 - War and Peace: 1796 - 1815 - 2002 - PC Read more about this resource...
  18. Jaydee777

    ISO War and Peace: 1796 - 1815 2023-06-24

    War and Peace: 1796 - 1815 is a strategy game that takes place during the Napoleonic Wars. The game features a tutorial mode and a single player mode. The tutorial mode explains the controls and basic tactics and strategies that can be employed in the game. The single player mode allows the...
  19. Jaydee777

    ISO Supercar Street Challenge 2023-06-24

    Supercar Street Challenge puts you behind the wheels of nine of the hottest cars on the planet, like the Saleen S7 and Zonda C-12S. Race on 23 courses in 7 cities in multiple game modes. Even modify your supercar in the unique Steve Saleen design studio. The game is essentially a Need for Speed...
  20. Jaydee777

    Supercar Street Challenge

    Jaydee777 submitted a new resource: Supercar Street Challenge - Supercar Street Challenge - 2001 - PC Read more about this resource...