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    Members you want to see return to the new RZ

    I know amiga1200 is still kicking, talk to him quite often as a matter of fact, Curbs on discord still and a few more Anyone who ain't already, join the RZ discord
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    I'm back folks ! Working on Arcade 0.250 USB at moment, will keep you updated :)
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    Looking for some help...

    Thanks folks, this is now done :)
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    ZX-Arcade 0.225 on a USB Stick!

    This is still available. Updated to 0.240. Message me here or on discord for more info
  5. ZX81v2

    Password on a old Isozone Dreamcast game

    If you can't get into this file, let me know, I have a source on a replacement for you GDI Version and CDI versions
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    the download section exists?

    lol It was the rival of the Amoeba
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    Update on My TMNT conversion cabinet

    That's looking Sweet
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    the download section exists?

    if anyone's got any of my old stuff handy for upload, such as Atari ST collections, I would be grateful. I still have them somewhere but I don't have a bloody DVD on this PC.... ...and if ANYONE has my window7 working version of SILVER - PLEASE LET ME KNOW !! I lost my fixed version of the game...
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    Looking for new home for TMNT PCB

    One of the biggest issues with collecting or buying them is PCBROT/Chiprot. You are gonna have issues finding a good Gauntlet 1 jamma. for things like that, it's time PI it It can be bad enough fixing duff caps let alone the nightmares of having to trace the PCB tracks
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    Warning massive Atari 5200 appreciation post ! 😉

    We didn't get the 5200, we only got the 2600, and 7800. The 5200 is the only Atari console I don't own
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    what is your fav amiga game?

    Wow Jaydee, Paradroid '90..... Now that was an under rated game
  12. ZX81v2

    varettaja here

    Glad your life is good my friend. You worked hard for it, keep it up
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    Project ZX-Arcade USB Is ALIVE !

    I spent a year and a half, solid, working on this. Pinky witnessed it lol. It will be updated when version 235 is released, in about 3 months from now. I was thinking about using a 512gig USB stick, but prices are insane at moment, and I wouldn't buy unbranded for something like this project...
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    Project ZX-Arcade USB Is ALIVE !

    On a sidenote, this project has taken me many years to achieve, and the base rom set used is 0.230 Updates will be available, however you will need to copy the USB to HDD as there will be no extra room for new files ! Latest versions have included a ton of new CHD's which ramped up the size.
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    Project ZX-Arcade USB Is ALIVE !

    Price is £95 + £10 Postage (USA/Canada) UK Postage Will Be Cheaper. This will be Tracked Post. Orders from other countries, contact me! These Are Made To Order And Are NOT Mass Produced The USB is Full to brim with Roms and resources for Arcade 0.230+, If you followed my "Working ROMS Only...
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    The history of the ninja warriors arcade documentary

    One of the best arcade game soundtracks EVER.
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    First LEGO-game ever

    The Lego games are awesome fun, and take ages to complete 100%. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean - Jonny Depp in plastic...
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    The NEW AtariVCS AtariOS already cracked?

    There is a good strip down of this system End of the day, it's side project Linux system...
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    Underrated games

    sometimes a game becomes underrated due to programmers seemingly having 3 hands and a thumb thats twice the length of everyone else's.. i.e. BAD CONTROL Systems that can not be redefined/rebinded... Being Left handed I have a ton of games I can't play due to keyboard layout being for a right...