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  1. Zerohour2k12

    The history of mega man part one documentary

    Sweet! Really looking forward to this!
  2. Zerohour2k12

    Games that let you play beyond the main story.

    Replayability is Always a Nice Touch! Great Vid man!
  3. Zerohour2k12

    The history of Capt. commando arcade documentary

    Nice Vid Pat! Yet Another character Capcom needs to bring back!
  4. Zerohour2k12

    The history of the ninja warriors arcade documentary

    Nice! You're on a roll Pat! Keep it up! But don't overdo it. Stay Safe and Healthy!
  5. Zerohour2k12

    The history of centipede arcade documentary

    Haha! Weired-ass old commerial right there! Great Vid Pat! Truly Nostalgic Time-Killers! I remember playing the SNES and the GBA version back in the day!
  6. Zerohour2k12

    Underrated Games Volume 2

    Nice Vid! I'll be sure to watch this one again for future reference when I decide to emulate and try em' out! Thanks
  7. Zerohour2k12

    varettaja here

    Dude! Glad to see you back! Best of Luck in Everything! Always Stay Safe and Take Care!
  8. Zerohour2k12

    Toys To life

    Nice Vid Man!
  9. Zerohour2k12

    The history of Mortal Kombat three arcade documentary

    Nice Work again Pat with great emphasis on the conversions and history!
  10. Zerohour2k12

    Underrated games

    Nice Vid Man! So many games that flew under the radar truly deserves more love nowadays.... Given the chance, one may find those games really fun!
  11. Zerohour2k12

    Sayonara Flash Player and Hello Flashpoint

    I have quite fun memories playing flash games BITD. All things must come to an end I guess...😟
  12. Zerohour2k12

    Members you want to see return to the new RZ

    I'd also like to see everyone too! :D Varettaja and DcGirl and the others. All in all I'm still glad the you guys are still here! :D
  13. Zerohour2k12

    My favorite Arcade games

    Happy New Year Dude! AVP Arcade is still a blast to play! I still play The Last Blade 2, Shock Troopers, Top Hunter and Shadow Force from time to time! So as Turtles in Time and The Simpsons. And Shmups too like the Strikers Series, Blazing Star, and GigaWing!
  14. Zerohour2k12

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to You too! :D
  15. Zerohour2k12

    The history of the Ikari warriors trilogy documentary

    The Origins of Ralf and Clark! Still a lot of fun to play! Played the 3 PSP minis. Nice one Pat!
  16. Zerohour2k12

    The history of Castlevania the complete Saga

    Awesome Job yet again Pat! Really Enjoyed this series of vids!
  17. Zerohour2k12

    The history of Castlevania part four Documentary

    I haven't played the Order of Eclesia games and Adventure Rebirth yet though I really enjoyed the Lords of Shadow series despite it's flaws. Looking forward to the last chapter! Keep it up Pat!
  18. Zerohour2k12

    The history of alien versus predator arcade documentary

    I remember playing this alot with my little bro, still very fun to play today! Nailed another one Pat!
  19. Zerohour2k12


    This New Look for the Site is Really Cool! Fine Job Mass!