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  1. GarryBlake

    Farming Simulator 2022 - need help!

    Gamerone, Staunkun, Thanks, I'll read it today and try it out. I'm at work now. CaptainAlex, I tried reinstalling, but it didn't help.
  2. GarryBlake

    Farming Simulator 2022 - need help!

    Does anyone play Farming Simulator 2022 on PC? Need some help. Decided to install this game on my computer. Before that, I played it a lot on my phone. But it does not start. Just nothing happens... No errors, nothing. Tried reinstalling and updating the video card driver, did not help. The...
  3. GarryBlake

    Recommend Sega games

    Oh yes! Streets of Rage is legendary! Playing part 4 recently, very good
  4. GarryBlake

    My UGLY? but cool and special Super Nintendo

    I watched the video, it's interesting. There's a SNES my parents kept from when I was a kid, I'll have to pick it up.