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  1. tekkaman

    Neo Geo Pocket Melted Screen

    Hello everyone, I didn´t know where to post this as I couldn´t find a general troubleshooting section. Anyways here´s my problem. A few days ago I wanted to play with my Neo Geo Pocket Color. But then I notice the screen looked like if there was water on it. I opened it up and I found out that...
  2. tekkaman

    Fake 3DS Game ?

  3. tekkaman

    My Street of Rage 4 Review

  4. tekkaman

    Game systems you regret getting

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  5. tekkaman

    Help with Radiant Historia 3ds *Spoilers*

    I have a question regarding the true ending. I at first beat the game normally in Append Mode. Then I cleared the quests that had keys on them that I missed. Then I went to the beat Heiss again to see the changes. Then I went to Nemesia and cleared all her quests and the ones that appear in main...
  6. tekkaman

    Weird Job Offer

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to get some thoughts here. I recently found a job offer from a website many people in my country use to search for jobs. In fact I have found jobs there in the past. Anyways, the offer this time is for administrative assistant. The requirements were: bilingual, basic...
  7. tekkaman

    How did you became an RPG fan

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  8. tekkaman

    How did you became an RPG fan

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