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    Hey varettaja... good to see you back ! ( didn't know you were "Yaydee")
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    WELCOME "Darius" ! ...have fun
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    DOOM + Quake MOD: Slayer's Testaments / Doom 2016 Mod for Quake 1

    here :
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    INSANITY'S REQUIEM, DooM 2 HontE Remastered

    INSANITY'S REQUIEM, DooM 2 HontE Remastered Gameplay by "Martinoz" : [video=youtube]
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    FREESPACE 2 Free on GOG

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    Half-Life: KANNA MOD - Full Walkthrough by "Bolloxed"

    Ever wanted to play Half-Life with no guns, as a hyper little pink anime girl with ninja skillz who shoots energy beams from her fingers? Me neither. But here it is anyway! Surprisingly fun! [video=youtube]
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    Black Mesa: Xen Trailer... it's beatiful

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    Here from TIZ and old RZ

    Hi there people.. some of you may remember me from TIZ Portugal, Germany, so I have double-nationality, and therefore still speak pretty good German, aswell as Spanish, English, and Portuguese of course. Oh, almost forgot.. I am big fan of Animation (Disney/Pixar, Dreamworks, CGI, etc.), but...