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  1. blakd3th

    resorting to buying SOME games now

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  2. blakd3th

    Oled ps vita for trade for a psp 3000 Vita was purchased with cfw I accedently deleted some files and dont have the interest to reinstall I used it mostly for the psp emu . Comes with: USB cable power brick Looking to trade in the cont...
  3. blakd3th

    Happy Halloween

    Wishing everyone a safe and happy Halloween.
  4. blakd3th

    Any Vita fans here

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  5. blakd3th

    Rgh $70 shipped us con't only

    Please note dvd laser is a little weak it will read discs but the discs must be scratch free. Also do NOT take online . What it comes with 1 rghxbox slim 1 250 gb internal hdd 1 power brick The reason im selling is My game collection was lost and i dont have time to get them all again...
  6. blakd3th

    [SOLD]Bittboy v2 cfw

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  7. blakd3th

    need some 360 game suggestions

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  8. blakd3th

    rgh essentials suggestions

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  9. blakd3th

    i ripped a esr game in hdloader!

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  10. blakd3th

    ed64 plus my thoughts...

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  11. blakd3th

    im freaking out ps2 hdd issue

    ok i woke up a little bit ago and was packing my ps2 up for travel and i forgot the hdd network adapter was left off the back and as i was picking up the ps2 the hdd fell out and hit the floor from 2 and a half feet,panicked and cussing i put the drive back in booted it up launched several...
  12. blakd3th

    first ps3!

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  13. blakd3th

    iphone help

    ok so someone close to me was preyed on online by a creep (he was arrested) and that someones mom is taking precausions to prevent anything more till the young individual can be trusted the mom is asking that i lock them out of thier iphone I want to lock the sh*t out of this phone im not...
  14. blakd3th

    Anti-facts file under lunacy

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  15. blakd3th

    happy holloween

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  16. blakd3th

    ps vita phat SALE PENDING

    i have had a perfect feedback on TIZ when it was around and have traded sucsessfully with many members here before
  17. blakd3th

    a thx and intro

    Love the site! thanks alot! anyways Blakd3th the millennial hippy here reporting for duty....hehe i said duty...anyways love the site. PEACE :gayflag: