Instaling PC games for beginners

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Simple general guide for Installing PC games using "Deamon Tools Lite"virtual drive program :

1.Find and download game ( place all parts of game if download is in parts in same download folder ) , make sure that you check will game will work for you by checking uploader info and comments of on what OS game will work and on what will not work . Also make sure all parts are downloaded completed and without errors . In case of troubles , try some other browser , check your connection , turn off things that may disturb download ( like you browsing lot of things , watching movies , playing some hardware demanding game , etc , all that can disturb downloading process ) .

2.Extract download using programs like 7-zip or WinRar ( or part 001 or part 1 if download is in parts ) until you get ISO ( image of game), some games are double packed so if you get like parts 01-50 , just extract part 01 again .

3.Start Deamon Tools and click on "add image" ( icon that looks like CD and + ) and find Image you want to install and double click on it .

4. Once image shows up in "image catalog" in Deamon Tools , left click on image then click on "mount" ( icon that looks like play on VCR/DVD ) and you will get game install options, so install game flowing in-game build installation guide .
If you install game from more than one ISO , mount first ISO until install program ask for second disc , then go to Deamon Tools , un-mount first ISO , mount second , then go back to install program and click continue .

5. After game is installed don't start it yet !" First find crack folder for game ( usually provided in download either easy to find or hided in ISO , in which case you can find it by exploring ISO ) , copy everything in side crack folder and paste it all on same place game is installed ( yes , overwrite original exe ) , which will fool anti-pirating measures that you use originals . If you start game before crack is installed then try to ad crack later , game may work fine , or it may report error so in which case you have to un-install game completely , then install it again from beginning . 

6. Start game .

Additionally some tips :

Some games install game completely so ISO is no longer needed , while some only partially install games and Mounted ISO is needed every time you play game . 
To test do you need ISO , after game is installed and tested that work correctly , unmount ISO from Deamon tolls and start game . If EVERYTHING works correctly , you can erase ISO ( to save space on HDD ) , but if there is no music , some errors report in , some glitches show , or game cant play at all , just exit game , again mount same ISO again on same way , and start game again , it will work without any error . 
Have fun and enyoj the ride !

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