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Hello EmuFriends!
The title says it all...
Waving at y'all, saying "Hi", i am new here and to this, both website and the topic of it.
Starting with the use of Emulators, mainly Sega DreamCast. Looking for a nostalgia trip to the kid days... Smile
welcome !
glad to have another Dreamcast nostalgic here Smile
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Welcome to your new home :)
Got something to add? A Free Game Deal or software that you have found? Or Even a Video?
Let Us Know!


Welcome home friend!. Im starting to enjoy emulation myself. I never thought I would say that. But as I get older and need the space it seems to be the way to go. I have started to dabble in Redream for dreamcast and its great. Nice interface and 720p!
Welcome to the Site  Big Grin
Welcome. I still got to install my dolphin emulator and get it running yet. My cousin used to have the real one. I played it a little.
Hello! and Welcome to RetroZone!
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Hi NostalgiaBro and welcome to RZ!  Smile 
Dreamcast had really fun and good games, there are even some new games for it.
When it comes to emulating DC, i think that Redream emulator is a way to go now. It's updated regularly, hardware requirements are low and most of the games work well, only Windows CE games are not emulated yet.
Lite version is free to use if you just want to play games, without any enhancements, and Premium license costs $5 which unlocks higher resolution and widescreen support.
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Hi there and WELCOME
..Have fun
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