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too few time to post ?
probably it's only because i'm not english, but when i try to write a not too short (in lenght) post, seems i take too much time, i got an error, the site re-check for the browser i'm using, and i lose my post Sad
[Image: cfa05c5c3b4dbaadfb5b25993f2823d7.jpg]
That's why I developed the habit of copying the entire post when writing a longer post. If I get a timeout I can simply paste it in.
My personal, not-so-fancy blog about Theme Parks and related media with some other stuff sprinkled in.
^^ in past i was able to recover the written post, but after this browser check input seems i cant do it anymore...
so, yes, from now on i'll try to do the same

EDIT also seems to me that time is drastical reduced after this browser check introduction
[Image: cfa05c5c3b4dbaadfb5b25993f2823d7.jpg]
use a browser addon called "Lazarus: Form Recovery". it rocks and will solve such issues :)
should be a lot better now with Under Attack Mode turned off
[Image: sig2.png]
[Image: 22731.png]
it surely is !
also the pages loads a lot more faster
me and my phone battery say thank you ++
[Image: cfa05c5c3b4dbaadfb5b25993f2823d7.jpg]
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