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need some 360 game suggestions
I'm exausted everytime I search it seems I get less an less xbox 360 relevant results so I'm asking for your suggestions on games in the following catagories

.   ww2 fps (not cod) ,this is a hard one i get wwii xbox 1 results every time and its always cod
.   racing ,(not need for speed or forza)
. and flight games 

basically would like some suggestions on underratted/not well known games that you folks deem playable genre does not matter a whole lot just gave those as some ideas what im looking for

thx for any help !
I saw the gap again today while you were begging me to stay......
Split Second
Grid 2
Burnout Paradise
Midnight Club L.A.
Project Gotham Racing 4
Dirt 3
Dirt Showdown
Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway
Medal of Honor: Airborne
Sniper Elite V2
Battlefield 1943
Wolfenstein 3D
Save The Best For Last!
[Image: Banner.png]
first one for each category that came in mind atm Smile
Need for Speed Shift (another developer, completely different game, bastard one)
Il 2 Sturmovik : Birds of Prey
[Image: cfa05c5c3b4dbaadfb5b25993f2823d7.jpg]
thx guy big help!
I saw the gap again today while you were begging me to stay......
Some 360 games I enjoyed, I am not a 360 gamer really... and so I can't offer you much other than what I enjoyed playing

Alan Wake
Far Cry 3 / 4
Carrier Command GAEA Mission
Skyrim..... Within reason

Alan Wake is sort of like a Stephen King Movie
Alien Isolation is scary as fek
Far Cry 3 is awesome, 4 is worth playing
Carrier Command is just awesome (IF you remember the original Amiga/Atari ST Game)
Skyrim is a great RPG but gets stale fast as there is no real ending, just rinse and repeat.... MODS help add extra stuff

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